Secondary and Post-16 Resources

Magic and Maths!

Have you ever explored the maths behind some magic tricks? Would your students want to amaze their friends? The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme has designed these fully resourced Maths Club Activities to stimulate and engage students at different levels. Each activity is designed to take about 30 minutes, making them ideal for lunch time clubs, or they could be extended into whole lessons!

Yohaku Puzzles

Although they sound vaguely Japanese, these clever mathematical puzzles were actually invented in England by Michael Jacobs, and he has kindly created these ones especially for Maths Week. Click here to download them. Suitable for Year 7 upwards.

NRICH Secondary Roadshow

The NRICH Roadshow resources are some of our favourite hands-on activities for developing problem-solving skills. As well as being useful in lessons, you may also find them helpful for maths clubs, open evenings and other events you may be running during Maths Week England. The resources each have a printable A4 sheet (A3 is even better) and require some equipment (mostly counters, dice or multi-link). Thanks to the generosity of NRich, we are delighted to share these fantastic roadshow problems with you. They work best printed out and laminated, ready to put out around a hall. We can personally vouch for their awesomeness!

FreeProbability Resources

Hodder Education have kindly offered these resources to Maths Week 2019. If you are looking for some interesting questions for KS3, this might be what you are looking for.

NRICH Posters

Another great idea from NRICH – If you’re looking to raise the profile of Mathematics in your school during Maths Week England then these posters of some of their favourite secondary activities could be a simple way to do so. All of the posters are based on rich tasks and have supporting teachers’ resources.

Secondary and Post 16 Quiz

Why not download these secondary quiz questions and win a huge prize for your school? There are questions for every age group from Y7 to Y13.

Pizza and Pi

How do you decide what a pizza is worth? This video is a good place to start.

Buchanan’s Brainbusters

Puzzlemaster Douglas Buchanan has kindly allowed some of his puzzles to be used by schools during Maths Week. Check them out and download a copy of the pdf here. Depending on your computer’s settings, it may download directly into your downloads folder.

AMSP Post-16 resources

We are pleased to be sponsored by MEI whose Ritangle competition is taking place this term. It’s ideal for your A-level or IB students, and no knowledge beyond A-level mathematics is required. Daily questions are released on Twitter and on the competition webpage, correct answers unlock clues to the finale in early December.

Sparx Maths

Sparx have produced some free resources for Maths Week England. You will need to visit this page on their site to register in order to download them.

Where’s The Maths in That?

These Where’s the maths in that? resources developed by the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme are ideal for demonstrating to students that mathematics can be found all around them. Using photographs and pictures will stimulate creativity, discussion and debate – showing students that they can talk about mathematics and that mathematics is not always about right and wrong answers and written methods. Perfect for assemblies, tutor time or starters, they are very easy to use, simply display a photograph and ask “Where is the maths in that?”

BBC Teach

Do check out BBCTeach, who have a page of primary and secondary links here. They are also promoting Maths Week in their newsletter, so watch out for that!

Free Resources from ATM

We are delighted to share these with you. Firstly. hot on the heels of the Rugby World Cup we have this task with lots of investigative ideas. Secondly, this booklet is full of number patterns and rich investigations.