Primary School Resources

We intend to continue to populate this page over the coming weeks with some great maths activities, but we do not want to do so alone. Please use the volunteering form to send us any great ideas you have used with children, including any photos for which you have parental permission.

Last updated: 22nd October, 2020


These 45-minute live presentations, via ZOOM, are interactive with several puzzles to solve and also surprising outcomes to tasks, which are presented to the young mathematicians. There will also be material for teachers to follow-up in future lessons. The sessions are aimed for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. Schools are limited to three links to ZOOM.
Monday 12 November / Tuesday 13 November / Wednesday 14 November

Timings: 9:30am and repeated at 11:00am each day. To book a slot for your class, simply fill in the form here.

These sessions are free and open to everyone who has registered for Maths Week England, subject to space.

Lifesavers Financial Literacy

Lifesavers is a charity that encourages financial literacy for children, something that is vital if we are to move towards a fairer society. They are celebrating Maths Week England with a range of puzzles, and even a chance to win an Amazon Voucher! Check them out here.

Sumaze – now free for all!

These are incredibly addictive apps (I should know having spent a LOT of time on them!) The real genius is the differentiation built in – a primary child can get into this, yet an adult mathematician would soon find a good level of challenge! Suitable for all ages as explained here.

Yohaku Puzzles: Y1-Y3

These proved very popular last year and Michael the author has very kindly made us some new ones for 2020. If you’re new to Yohaku, these will ease you in gently!

Yohaku Puzzles: Y4-Y6

Again, some more challenging puzzles for 2020.

NEW: Walking Mazes

An engaging and simple resource to chalk onto a playground, or alternatively do on big sheets of paper in the hall. Suitable for all primary-aged children. Download the mazes here.

New for 2020: Brand New Buchanan’s Brainbusters!

As per last year, puzzlemaster Douglas Buchanan has kindly allowed some of his puzzles to be used by schools during Maths Week. This collection is brand new for 2020. Check them out and download a copy of the pdf here. Depending on your computer’s settings, it may download directly into your downloads folder. For a copy of 2019’s puzzles, click here.

Get Calculating!

These fully resourced Get Calculating lessons from MEI are designed to focus on key aspects of the maths curriculum for Year 6 pupils, whilst also providing an opportunity for them to become familiar with using a calculator. The first lesson is already available and the next will be released during Maths Week England!

Terrific Tesselations

If you are feeling creative, and are in Years 1-3, you might enjoy this video!

How tall is your school building?

Here’s how to find out using a single piece of paper! This fun maths video will help children measure the height of any building using just A4 – and some isosceles triangles!

ATM Maths Snacks

This fabulous range of short videos are suitable for both primary and secondary and for children at all levels of attainment. 100% Free, though there is a link to make a donation to ATM if you wish, which will help them continue to provide excellent resources.

Roadshow Puzzles

The NRICH Roadshow resources are some of our favourite hands-on activities for developing problem-solving skills. As well as being useful in lessons, you may also find them helpful for maths clubs, open evenings and other events you may be running during Maths Week England. The resources each have a printable A4 sheet (A3 is even better) and require some equipment (mostly counters, dice or multi-link). Thanks to the generosity of NRich, we are delighted to share these fantastic roadshow problems with you. They work best printed out and laminated, ready to put out around a hall. We can personally vouch for their awesomeness!

NRICH Posters

Another great idea from NRICH – If you’re looking to raise the profile of Mathematics in your school during Maths Week England then these posters of some of their favourite primary activities could be a simple way to do so. All of the posters are based on rich tasks and have supporting teachers’ resources.

Yohaku Puzzles

These original puzzles sound like they are from Japan but were actually invented in England by Michael Jacobs, He has kindly created some free puzzles especially for Maths Week. Download the puzzles for Years 1 to 3 here and for Years 4 to 6 here.

MyMaths and Numicon

Oxford University Press have provided some free sample worksheets around symmetry and multiplication tables. Download them here. Note that the file size is quite large so they come as a single zip file.

Primary Quiz Questions

Why not take part in the free puzzle competition and win a huge prize for your school? Download the files from this page to take part – all ages from Reception to Year 6 have their own set of questions.

BBC Teach

Do check out BBCTeach, who have a page of primary and secondary links here. They are also promoting Maths Week in their newsletter, so watch out for that!