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Partnering with Maths Week England 2021

How would you like to have a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people? By sponsoring Maths Week England, you could do just that!

One of the key principles of  Maths Week England is that it should be free to access for everyone. This is particularly important to us and it is our intention that this will always be the case – for everyone, for ever.

Unsurprisingly, though,  there are significant costs involved with putting on an event as big as Maths Week England. These include staffing, website maintenance, hosting, video editing, resource curation, and so on.

This means that we are always in need of partners to share the financial burden. In previous years, Maths Week England has been funded by generous donations to allow it to grow and reach more and more schools and  young people.

This year we have decided to make it as simple and transparent as possible to partner with us. People very kindly often say ‘How much do you need?“ but this is an tough question to answer accurately; simply put, the more sponsorship we can generate, the more we are able to achieve, and the more children we can reach.

We have decided to offer three levels of sponsorship as shown below. We hope that you will feel inspired and willing to partner with us and share in our work – thank you all so much for your support.

If you are interested in supporting us, please complete the form at the bottom of this page – and thank you again from the whole Maths Week Committee.

Bronze Partners


(only 6 available)

Sponsorship of £250 and above. For those who wish to produce their own resources for use during Maths Week England.

Sponsorship of £500 and above. For those who wish us to share why their organisation is supporting Maths Week England.

Sponsorship of £2000 and above. For those who wish to make a very significant contribution. We are limiting this option to 6 Gold Sponsorships to ensure that you receive prominence.







To get in touch about partnership, please complete the form below. Thank you for your support.