Maths Week 2019 Competitions!

We are running no fewer than FOUR online competitions for Maths Week 2019! We are delighted to be partnering with MangaHigh, Sumdog, TimeTables Rockstars and MEI, who have all generously offered their services for free so that ALL children in England can participate, whether or not their schools currently use their software. You can enter all four competitions if you wish!

Click the logos below for details:

Read on to find out why EVERY child can take part!

MATHS WEEK 2019 QUIZ: Following a conversation with our friends at Maths Week London, we will be producing a quiz that all schools can have a go at, and there will be fantastic prizes for the winning schools in each category.

The quiz will work as follows. On the first morning of Maths Week, a series of questions will be published on this page. There will be questions suitable for every year group from Reception to Year 13. If your school has, for example, years 5-8, you would only do the questions for those year groups.

The answers will all be numbers. Once each year group has answered all its questions, they should add their answers together to find their year group total. This added to the other year groups’ totals, should come to a prearranged ‘school score’, calculated by the specified year groups in your school.

Send us your school grand total, and we will do the rest! Download the files here:

Primary Quiz Pages

Primary Pages with Year Groups removed – clicking will automatically download to your computer.

Secondary Quiz Pages

This way, EVERY child in the school can contribute, and the answers found by a 4 year-old child will carry just as much weight as those found by an A-level student: MATHS FOR ALL!

NB: Special schools, you can also take part in the quiz – the copy of the questions with year groups removed (see above) is aimed at your pupils. Please get in touch with us for any advice and support you need. We have a special category on the page where solutions are submitted: see here for more.


Competition Update: As part of Maths Week England 2019 MEI is ALSO running a Desmos Maths Art competition. Students can submit entries of their best Desmos Art by Friday 22nd November and the best two in each of three age categories will win a Desmos T-shirt for themselves and their teacher as well as a pizza party for their classmates.

As part of Maths Week, AMSP has also created a data visualisation competition. There are free resources that could be used with anyone from Years 5 to 13, which gets students thinking about different ways to represent data focusing on climate change. It includes details of a competition for students to create their own visualization – prizes include having their entry published on the MEI website and the Royal Society blog and the judging panel includes Clarissa Grandi of Artful Maths and Mona Chalabi, data editor at The Guardian US!