Can you believe we're nearly at the end of Maths Week 2021!

Let's dive straight in with the solution to Carys's cylinder puzzle from yesterday. As usual, if for some reason it doesn't work in your school, please see YouTube link below for an identical solution.

So here is our final puzzle of the week from mathematician Simi Shah. It's a tricky one, so allow yourself plenty of, ahem, time...solution is also below.

Story Time: Surprise, surprise there are TWO stories today!

Firstly, here is performer and author Kyle Evans reading his book 'Here Come the Numbers'.

Here’s a YouTube Link in case this video does not work.

Our second story is a bonus, to celebrate the fact that Maths Week England reached over a million people this year. But - how big is a million exactly?!

It's a question that needs answering - and Andrew Jeffrey is here to do just that, with the help of a few children - and a penguin!

Here’s a YouTube Link in case this video does not work.

Today's Events

Friday’s Daily Challenge

Suitable for almost any age group, including adults – why not put them up in the staffroom?! (We’ve included the answer below.)

How many rectangles are in this diagram altogether? (Hint: they may be different sizes!):

Solution:  there are 12 small rectangles, but lots of others that can be made from combining 2 or more small ones. Altogether there are 60! How many did you find?

Friday Bonus: Yesterday you heard Bobby Seagull reading Spinderella. But he also mentioned his book, The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers', so we thought you might enjoy a short extract.

YouTube link  just in case…