Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maths Week England for?

To raise the profile of mathematics in England and increase participation and enjoyment.

Why just England rather than the UK?

Northern Ireland and Scotland already have established Maths Weeks – these have been very successful, but until now there has been nothing equivalent in England.

When Will it Be?

Maths Week 2019 (the inaugural Maths Week England) will take place in November 2019.

How Can I Help?

You can spread the word by telling people about this website and our Twitter page . You can start to plan an interesting maths event for your school or college. You can encourage your children’s school to take part. Also, fill out the form here to let us know how you might be able to help. Filling out the form doesn’t commit you to anything!

Why are there no organiser names on this site?

There probably will be once it is up and running and Maths Week England has been firmly established. The thinking behind the initial anonymity is to help this be a truly collective affair, and not about personalities or agendas. We are supportive of organisations like BCME, National Numeracy, MA and ATM, LMS, JMC, Maths Inspiration, Mathsworld, Cambridge Mathematics etc. and are hoping that they will join in enthusiastically. By making this an independent endeavour, we hope that it will grow year on year with more people partnering with us.

So what’s the vision?

We are hoping that schools, colleges, universities and other organisations throughout England will put on special events to raise awareness of, and participation in, the wonderful world of mathematics. We believe it is vital for our country’s future success that we raise a generation of young people that is confident with mathematics.

Do we have to do specific activities?

100% NOT! A large part of the Maths Week Philosophy is that we recognise and celebrate the autonomy, creativity and professionalism of our teachers. Between now and November we will build and curate a list of ideas and a bank of resources for things that have worked well for other people, though, for those who are not yet feeling inspired!

We already have a maths week in our school; is this just doubling the work?

If you already have.a maths week, that’s fantastic! You can either keep it where it is and just use this site for ideas, or better still move it to coincide with the National event so we are all celebrating mathematics together – it’s entirely up to you, as all school diaries differ, though obviously we hope you will choose the latter option!

Do you have public funding?

Not yet. At the moment Maths Week England is entirely funded by personal donations. That’s not to say we are not keen to find backers, but we decided to get the website up and running first before approaching anyone.

Teachers are so busy – do you think there is really an appetite for a National Maths Week?

Fair question, but our view is that the only way to know the answer to that question is to try it and see what happens! Teachers still love the actual teaching side of their job, so we need to make this a very admin-light week for schools.

How do we sign up to take part?

In November we will add a new page to the site allowing teachers and school leaders to add information about how many children in their school are taking part in Maths Week England. This will help us see how effective we have been at encouraging schools and teachers to engage with the project.

Does it have to be a whole-school thing?

Not at all – if you want to start small and just do something a bit different with a single class or two, that’s absolutely marvellous; just be sure to let us know once we open the school registration page on 1st November