Early Years Maths Fun!

We want Maths Week to be as inclusive as possible, so if you work with EYFS children, we have collated a series of things on this page that they might enjoy. Help yourself!

Numberfit: This is a great way to get your children enjoying maths with movement: check out Numbertots, which is free to enter, and you could win prizes for your setting!

Daily Rhyme: click to visit this page, where each day a new exciting rhyme to learn will appear!

Here is a wonderful exclusive video made especially for Maths Week England by Dr. Eugenia Cheng, who has just published a fabulous new children’s book entitled Molly and the Mathematical Mystery, and she has very kindly agreed to share some of it – you will love this! You can also buy the book from here.

Being Active!

Children enjoy being physically active when they learn, and so this free resource from Teach Active is an ideal thing to try during Maths Week. Check out Teach Active’s own website here.

There will be a new maths rhyme for children to learn on each daily page, so remember to check back each day during Maths Week. There will also be a carefully chosen story. We were considering bringing you these live, but due to complications with potential copyright issues, we will be choosing some stories from Youtube instead.

This Early Years Challenge produced by the Cambridgeshire Maths Team involves getting outside. Weather permitting these activities should be really enjoyable.

We are very grateful to Dr Helen Williams, an Early Years Maths expert, for sharing some of her ideas. Two of them, ‘Make It The Same‘ and ‘Stick Race‘, are easy to play at school or at home, and require very simple resources. They have the potential to help children really think mathematically. Check out both resources here.

Can You Find?

This brand new resource for Maths Week England can be done at any time, inside or out, depending on the weather. It encourages children to think about the language of mathematics. It will be complete by Friday and linked to from here.

Maths on Toast, the family maths charity, wants everyone to feel positive about maths and have created this wonderful page especially suitable for children in the Early Years. They can be done at home or at school, so please do share them with parents.

 For fun, hands-on activities, resources and videos to explore and enjoy, plus tips and advice on how to encourage and support a confident, resilient and can-do attitude to maths, head over to their website now.