I’m a mathematician, get me out of here

This website is a great opportunity for students to engage with mathematicians in real time. Sometimes students struggle to see the real-world applications of the maths they study in school; this website allows them to see the wide range of careers that use maths, as well as meet people in these careers: normal people, with hobbies and interests just like them! Check it out here.

Artful Maths

Amazing collection of resources including Origami, puzzles and mathematical art from maths teacher Clarissa Grandi. You’ll love this as a source of ideas for Maths Week England.

Diagnostic Questions

This is a very clever bank of resources with thousands of student answers, revealing the most common misconceptions in primary and secondary maths. Sign up for free.

Just Maths

A trio of former maths teachers have put together this huge bank of secondary resources.

Maths Frame

Lots of great maths games and tools, written by former primary teacher Ted Burch, including the old Interactive Teaching programmes, reprogrammed to work on any platform.


A stunning and free range of resources produced by maths teacher Jonathan Hall. Suitable for both primary and secondary.