Alison Kiddle

Alison is a former teacher and creator of mathematical resources, puzzles and games. Alison gives talks and workshops to secondary school audiences, with a particular focus on problem-solving, mathematical resilience, and creativity.

Alex Bellos

Author, broadcaster and big fan of maths and puzzles, Alex gives talks on all aspects of maths. He also writes a blog for the Guardian newspaper. Here is his website.

Barney Maunder-Taylor

The Jester of Bournemouth! But don’t be fooled; Barney has a double first in Maths from Oxford University.

Ben Sparks

Ben is a mathematician with a particular interest in fractals, and has impressive dynamic geometry skills. He’s also a musician and engaging speaker on all things maths.

Bubblz the Maths Clown

aka Caroline Ainslie, electronic engineer turned clown. Specialises in maths talks centred about bulles and balloons. Check Bubblz out here.

Chris Budd

A wonderful combination of mathematics, presenting skills and humour, Chris is an expert on the geometrical side of life. Check out his page here

Colin Wright

Colin is a loveable Aussie living in England who is best known for his juggling presentations. Organiser of the annual ‘Big Maths Jam’ weekend.

Fran Watson

With a background in both primary and secondary mathematics education, Fran is an experienced presenter and teacher.  She writes talks and workshops for schools, which often employ creative mediums (think music, paper folding or sign language) to engage her audiences.

Click here to contact Fran.

Hannah Fry

Well know for her media work and ‘Hello World’ 2018 book, Hannah is a very engaging speaker, and currently president elect of the Maths Association.