9am and 11am on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: MATHEMATICS IS A SURPRISE!

The 45-minute live presentations, via ZOOM, are interactive with several puzzles to solve and also surprising outcomes to tasks, which are presented to the young mathematicians. There will also be material for teachers to follow-up in future lessons. The sessions are aimed for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils and they are free. Schools are limited to three links to ZOOM.

These sessions are free to everyone who has signed up for Maths Week England; the link is here, but please do not share it with anyone who has not registered for Maths Week.

4pm, Monday 9th November: Alan Davies and Pi

This 30-minute online talk is suitable for A-level students, and taking place after school so that everyone can attend regardless of timetables. There will be a chance to ask Alan questions afterwards. Link will be shared on Monday’s daily page. Free to all who have registered for Maths Week England.

10am, Tuesday 10th November: NRICH Live Webinar

One of the most popular events from Maths Week 2019 is back!

Charlie Gilderdale and Liz Woodham will delight and challenge your pupils with some new mathematical musings. Aimed at 9 to 13-year-olds, but beware – this sold out in 2019 and will almost certainly do so again, so make sure to get in quick! The link is here.

4pm, Tuesday 10th November: Bubble Geometry

The wonderful folk at the Science Museum have a number of things planned for Maths Week England 2020. Among the most exciting is this workshop aimed at primary teachers, in which they will explore some fascinating geometrical ideas using bubbles that you could then share with your pupils. It is first-come, first-served so don’t miss out!

1:00pm, Wednesday 10th November: OR, Maths and Money

Did you know there’s more to money than just adding up how much you have to spend or how much your bills are? Join this talk for a fascinating look at the everyday maths used by banks. We all know they charge interest on loans, but how do they decide how much interest to charge, or judge who will be able to repay their loans? John Christiansen, an expert speaker, will explain what predictive models are, and how banks use them to make important decisions. Suitable for GCSE/A-level students.

4:30pm, Wednesday 11th November: Origami Workshop

Mathematics through Paper Folding
This webinar from Fran Watson and Alison Kiddle is for anyone who would be interested in learning how to make some mathematically intriguing modular origami models.  It will be of particular interest to maths teachers who are looking for some ideas about using paper folding in their classrooms and how to use origami as a tool to enhance their teaching of mathematics.
The only previous origami experience you will need to join this webinar is being able to fold a square in half accurately corner to corner, edge to edge.

Sign up here to join in, whether you enjoy maths, origami or both!