2021 Archive

2021 Archive

Over the next few days we will be adding some of our most popular resources from Maths Week England 2021 for you to use with your pupils.

N.B. To avoid advertisements, the videos are hosted on Vimeo. If your school blocks this, we also have a Youtube channel with all the videos from 2021. Click the button to visit.

Video Puzzles: each day during Maths Week England we featured a video of a mathematician sharing a puzzle, with the answer published the following day.

Monday Video Puzzle: Max from MathsCity gets us thinking about Mirror Letters…

Monday Solution: how did you get on?

Tuesday Video Puzzle: Catriona Agg sets us a fiendish geometry challenge…

Tuesday Solution: Catriona’s solution – and a bonus challenge!

Wednesday Video Puzzle: Zoe Griffiths challenged us to solve the Pirate Treasure problem…

Wednesday Solution: Zoe reveals the solution and a clever link to Binary.

Thursday Video Puzzle: Carys Hubbard has a fascinating question about cylinders; can you solve it?

Thursday Solution: Join Carys for the surprising answer; I bet lots of us guessed wrong!

Friday Video Puzzle: Simi Shah has a sneaky problem involving the hands of a clock. This one takes some careful thought!

Friday Solution: Simi reveals all – did you get it right?!

Storytime: this was a brand-new feature for 2021 and proved extremely popular. Mostly aimed at primary, though a few of the videos are also suitable for older pupils.

Planet Rescue, read by Sammie Buzzard

Mr Shaha’s Marvellous Machines, read by Alom Shaha

How Was That Built?, read by Roma Agrawal and Katie Hickey

Spinderella, read by Bobby Seagull

’59’, read by Harry Baker

Here Come The Numbers, read by Kyle Evans

How Big is a Million?, read by Andrew Jeffrey

The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers, read by Bobby Seagull

Puzzle of the Day: five days, five challenges – again, the solutions are provided.