10am, Saturday 14th November: Family Scavenger Hunt

This is taking place on Saturday 14th November and is designed for families of all ages to participate in. Please note that while free to enter for anyone who is registered from Maths Week 2020, it is being run by an external agency, Living Maths.

Your family will have to work as a team to accomplish various tasks.  Some might require some artistic skills, some might involve culinary skills and some will involve literary skills.  There will be some Maths knowledge too.  Creativity and originality will be rewarded with bonus points.   You will be able to see what your competition is doing so that you know what you are up against.   Bonus missions will be inserted at random times.  Be prepared for an abundance of laughter and an appreciation for how crazy your family members can be.  Tasks will earn you points if they are completed.  Creativity will be rewarded with bonus points.   You have the duration of the Scavenger hunt to complete as many tasks as possible. 

To sign up, click here.

Please enjoy this fun activity safely, and obey social distancing and any local Covid rules.