4:30pm, Wednesday 11th November: Origami Workshop

Mathematics through Paper Folding
This webinar from Fran Watson and Alison Kiddle is for anyone who would be interested in learning how to make some mathematically intriguing modular origami models.  It will be of particular interest to maths teachers who are looking for some ideas about using paper folding in their classrooms and how to use origami as a tool to enhance their teaching of mathematics.
The only previous origami experience you will need to join this webinar is being able to fold a square in half accurately corner to corner, edge to edge.

Sign up here to join in, whether you enjoy maths, origami or both!

Financial Literacy!

Today we are delighted to announce that we will be parterning with the financial charity LifeSavers, who have produced some great resources around financial literacy. So any people are disadvantaged by lack of financial understanding around money, so the idea is to educate people early before they get into difficulties. There will also be a money puzzle on each of our daily pages.