Welcome. On this page you will find all the most popular resources from 2020, the year when Maths Week England officially became the world’s largest national maths festival!

Early Years and Key Stage 1

Be a Maths Detective: this was a lovely resource created for us by the Cambridgeshire LA Maths team, especially for Early Years and Key Stage 1. Five days of fun!

Outdoor Maths Challenges: another great resource from the Cambridge team; different challenges  are available for different age groups. click on the one you want:



Lower KS2 

Upper KS2


Molly and the Mathematical Mystery: we were treated to a sneaky preview of this fantastic pop-up interactive book from the author herself, Eugenia Cheng!

Early Years Action Rhymes: these were very popular – a new one was added each day.

Maths on Toast who want everyone to feel positive about maths made us this lovely page.

Key Stage 2

Mathematical Mazes: ideal for playground or hall – get children active in both brain AND body!

Yohaku Puzzles – a new set exclusively for Maths Week England 2020. Easy and Tricky versions!

Lifesavers are a charity aimed at increasing children’s understanding of money. They made this wonderful page of resources for Maths Week 2020 (also suitable for Y2)

Buchanan’s BrainBusters: master puzzler Douglas Buchanan created a fabulous book of puzzles especially for Maths Week 2020: download them here!

Secondary (and above)

Stars and Snowflakes: the amazingly talented Clarissa Grandi gave a masterclass in how to create extraordinary art using maths. Check it out here.
How Tall is Your School? Here’s how to find out using a single piece of paper! This fun maths video will help children measure the height of any building using just A4 – and some isosceles triangles!
This virtual Escape Room was a real highlight of 2020: check it out here. You will need maths skills but also lateral thinking skills to work your way through this; not for the faint-hearted, but a must for anyone who enjoys being stuck! Warning – large file so may take some time to download.

Yohaku Puzzles: These proved very popular in our first year and the author  very kindly made us these new ones for 2020. Suitable for Years 7 and up.

Multiplying 2-digit numbers in your head! If both numbers start with the same digit, you will be amazed to learn this trick to make you look like a genius! In fact, many maths teachers don’t know this one! Watch the short explanation video here.