Alex Bellos

Author, broadcaster and big fan of maths and puzzles, Alex gives talks on all aspects of maths. He also writes a blog for the Guardian newspaper. Here is his website.

Ben Sparks

Ben is a mathematician with a particular interest in fractals, and has impressive dynamic geometry skills. He’s also a musician and engaging speaker on all things maths.

Colin Wright

Colin is a loveable Aussie living in England who is best known for his juggling presentations. Organiser of the annual ‘Big Maths Jam’ weekend.

Hannah Fry

Well know for her media work and ‘Hello World’ 2018 book, Hannah is a very engaging speaker, and currently president elect of the Maths Association.

Helen Arney

Self-confessed geek, singer and part of the wonderful Festival of the Spoken Nerd trio, Helen gives funny and informative talks on maths and science.

James Grime

Presenter of the Singing Banana Youtube channel, James is a very engaging mathematician who tours the world, often with his enigma machine.

Kjartan Poskitt

Best known for his Murderous Maths books, Kjartan also gives talks to schools and other organisations.