Barney Maunder-Taylor

The Jester of Bournemouth! But don’t be fooled; Barney has a double first in Maths from Oxford University.

Cambridge Maths

Based you-know-where, Cambridge Maths produce (amongst other things) succinct summaries of current research around aspects of the teaching and learning of mathematics.


Mark McCourt, who holds a PhD in mathematics, shares his thoughts about mastery, maths education (and life in general).

Maths Inspiration

The brainchild of well-known author and speaker Rob Eastaway, this fabulous organisation brings together many of the country’s best and most experienced speakers to engage and enthuse pupils in years 9-12 with interactive shows in local theatres.


This website is from a Cambridge-based organisation, specialising in rich tasks for both primary and secondary school children. An excellent source of problem-solving tasks with notes for teachers.


Secondary maths teacher Jo Morgan has spent years curating the ‘best of the web’ in terms of secondary school maths teaching resources. Check out her ever-growing and entirely free collection here.

Rob Eastaway’s Blog

Rob is a populariser of mathematics and an author of several best-selling books about maths. Check out his interesting blog here.

The Association of Teachers of Mathematics

The ATM are a fantastic, classroom-facing organisation whose five stated aims are

  • encouraging increased understanding and enjoyment of mathematics
  • encouraging increased understanding of how people learn mathematics
  • encouraging the sharing and evaluation of teaching and learning strategies and practices
  • promoting the exploration of new ideas and possibilities
  • initiating and contributing to discussion of and developments in mathematics education at all levels

Check them out here.