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Other activities:

Doug’s Maths Quiz (09:30 am)

Doug’s Maths Quiz (11:00 am)

Johnny Ball’s Vedic Maths, part 3

Clarissa Grandi’s Maths Art Webinar (10:00 am)

Making Decisions With Maths Talk: Chandan Jha, for KS4/5 (1:00 pm)

The Dot Problem, Johnny Griffiths for KS3-5 (4:00 pm)

And don’t forget all our other resources and competitions running this week.

Friday’s Year Group Quiz

Y1: I share a pizza equally between 4 children, what fraction do they each get ?
Y2: How many faces does have a square-based pyramid have ?
Y3: I share 9 apples equally between 3 children. How many apples do they each have ?
Y4: If Mrs Bono is half the height of the tree and she is 157cm tall, how tall is the tree in metres ?
Y5: I have 12 cows and they each produce 40L of milk each day. How many 2L bottles of milk will I fill daily ?
Y6: I get £60 pocket money a month. This month I saved a 1/2 of it, and last month I saved 4/5. How much have I saved altogether ?
Y7: If I toss a fair coin five times and it comes up tails every time, what is the probability that the next toss is tails ?
Y8: After 1, what is the next smallest square number that is also a triangular number ?
Y9: When 1097 – 97 is expressed as a single number, what is the sum of its digits ?
Y10: If 11+11=22, 22+22=44 and 33+33=121 what is 44+44?

Hint: all sums are genuine addition sums, though not necessarily to base 10!
Y11: A father in his will left all his money to his children in the following manner: $1000 to the firstborn and 1/10 of what remains, then $2000 to the second born and 1/10 of what remains, then $3000 to the 3rd born and 1/10 of what remains and so on. When this was done each child had the same amount. He had more than 1 child. How many children were there?
Post-16: How many solutions are there to: (x^2 -7x+11)(x^2-7x+6) = 1 ?

Please post your answers on social media with the hashtag #MWE20, and we will see them!

Video Puzzle of The Day

Yesterday’s puzzle was set by maths teacher Andrew Jeffrey. Here is his solution:

Did you find both solutions?! Or others?!

Today’s Puzzle is set by Mathematician Anne-Marie Imafidon, MBE

Be sure to check back on tomorrow’s page for the solution!`

Early Years Story Time!

Maths Week England Friday Barvember Problems

Can you use bar modelling to solve these?

Johnny Ball’s Vedic Maths

In today’s session, Johnny combines the first two amazing Vedic tricks!

Money Problem of the Day

For some photocopiable coins, plus purse and wallet, click here.