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Other activities:

Johnny Ball’s Vedic Maths, Episode 2

4pm: Infinity and Limits: Talk from Richard Elwes, suitable for A-level students

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Thursday’s Year Group Quiz

Y1: What shapes can you make if you fold a square in half?
Y2: Counting in steps of 1/2 from 0, how many steps will it take to reach 9?
Y3: How many edges does a cuboid have?
Y4: I go on holiday for 19 days. My friend is on holiday for 3 weeks. How much longer are they away for?
Y5: Mr. Silk is thinking of a number between 135 and 150. It is a multiple of 3 and has a factor of 4. What could it be?
Y6: What is a tenth of a tenth of a tenth of 1796?
Y7: What else is true about all whole numbers with an odd number of factors?
Y8: The product of the digits of a five-digit number is 810. If none of the digits is repeated, what is the sum of the digits?
Y9: The product of Mr. Seagull’s children’s ages is 1664. The youngest is half as old as the eldest. What is the age of Mr Seagull’s eldest child?
Y10: Four singers take part in a musical round of 4 equal lines, each finishing after singing the round through 3 times. The second singer begins when the first singer begins the second line, the third singer begins when the first singer begins the third line, and the fourth singer begins when the first singer begins the fourth line.
For what fraction of the total singing time are all four singers are singing at the same time?
(Remember to simplify your fraction).
Y11: 2 candles of equal length start burning at the same time. One candle will take 4 hours to burn down and the other will take 5 hours to burn down. How many hours will they burn for before one candle is 3 times the length of the other? Leave your answer as a fraction.
Post-16: What is an equation of a curve through the points (2,3) and (4,5)? How many curves are there that go through these two points?

Please post your answers on social media with the hashtag #MWE20, and we will see them!

Johnny Ball’s Vedic Maths, Episode 2

Video Puzzle of The Day

Yesterday’s puzzle was from Raj Kumar. Here is the solution:

Well done if you got it right!

Today’s Puzzle is set by Mr Jeffrey, a Brighton-based teacher.

Be sure to check back on tomorrow’s page for the solution!

Early Years Story Time!

Maths Week England Thursday Barvember Problems

Can you use bar modelling to solve these?

Money Problem of the Day

For some photocopiable coins, plus purse and wallet, click here.