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Other activities:


Vedic Maths with Johnny Ball (part 1)

Doug’s Maths Quiz (09:30 am)

Doug’s Maths Quiz (11:00 am)

OR, Maths and Money talk (1pm)

Origami Workshop for teachers (4:30 pm)

Deadline for Katherine Johnson Competition submissions ( today at 8 pm)

And don’t forget all our other resources and competitions running this week.

Wednesday’s Year Group Quiz

Y1: West Ham scored 2 goals in the 1st half and 3 goals in the 2nd half. How many in total?
Y2: Miss Blotz decides to share her 20 bananas fairly with herself and 3 of her friends. How many do they each get?

Y3: You saw off 50cm from a plank of wood that was 166cm. How long is the plank now?
Y4: I cut my birthday cake into 10 equal slices. I ate 2 slices, my sister had twice as many slices as me and my dog had 3 more than me. What fraction of the cake is left?
Y5: I have 10 fields with 8 carrots in each, while the neighbouring field has 7 fields with 5 carrots in each. How many more carrots do I have than my neighbours?
Y6: I have £9 in my account but want to buy five space buggies at £1.24 each. What will my bank balance read after buying my buggies?
Y7: The difference between 1/3 of a number and 1/4 of the same number is 5. What is the number?
Y8: What is the smallest number that is divisible by all the positive whole numbers up to and including 12?
Y9: In a competition consisting of 30 problems, Lydia was given 12 points for each correct solution and 7 points were subtracted for each incorrect solution. Problems not attempted scored zero points. How many correct solutions did Lydia have if her score was 209?
Y10: Jack and Jill like going for walks. Jack walks at a speed of 6 kilometres per hour whereas Jill walks at 4 kilometres per hour. They set out at the same time in the same direction. After walking for one kilometre Jack turns back. Jill continues until she meets Jack coming back, then she also turns back. How long after Jack will Jill arrive back at their starting point?
Y11: An equilateral triangle of side length 36 units is to be tiled with smaller equilateral triangles of side length 3 units. How many small tiles are needed?
Post-16: I want to take a 6-foot snooker cue onto a bus, but the rules say I’m not allowed to take any package longer than 4 feet onto the bus. How can I take the cue onto the bus?
(it doesn’t unscrew!)

Please post your answers on social media with the hashtag #MWE20, and we will see them !

Video Puzzle of The Day

Tuesday’s Puzzle was set by Katie Steckles. Here is the solution:

Well done if you got it right!

Today’s Puzzle is set by Raj Kumar, who is the Yorkshire area coordinator for AMSP.

Be sure to check back on tomorrow’s page for the solution.

Johnny Ball’s 2-minute Vedic Maths, episode 1

Early Years Story Time

Maths Week England Wednesday Barvember Problems

Can you use bar modelling to solve these?

The OR Maths and Money lecture.

Click here for details – it’s free but you need to pre-book.

Money Problem of the Day

For some photocopiable coins, plus purse and wallet, click here.