Day 1 – Here’s What’s on on Monday! (You can also check your daily email for this info and share with colleagues)

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Other activities:

Doug’s Maths Quiz (09:30 am) (FULL)

Doug’s Maths Quiz (11:00 am) (FULL)

Race to the Target (11:30am)

Sara Tilley’s Webinar on Maths and Stories (3:45pm)

Alan Davies Webinar on Pi (4 pm)

Twitter conversation on Core Maths (7 pm)

Katherine Johnson Competition (Deadline is Wednesday, 8 pm)

And don’t forget all our other resources and competitions running this week.

Monday’s Year Group Quiz

Y1: I have 4 toys then I get 3 more for my birthday. How many toys do I have now?

Y2: There are 4 apples in 1 box. How many apples are there in 10 boxes?

Y3: I have 12 chicken and they each lay 10 eggs. After two weeks 103 of the eggs hatch. How many unhatched eggs are left?

Y4: A farmer harvests 276 mangoes and his neighbour 110 mangoes. How many mangoes do they harvest altogether?

Y5: My friend and I have £81.10 between us. If I have £4.40 more than my friend, how much does my friend have?

Y6: Two numbers have a difference of 3.43. The bigger number is 5.04, what is the smaller number?

Y7: Jack is making a golf trophy. He needs to paint 300 dimples on a golf ball. It takes him 2 seconds to paint one pimple. How many minutes will he need to complete this task?

Y8: What year was it a billion seconds ago?

Y9: On which historic English monument would you find the Roman number: MDCLXVI ?

Y10: A salesman offers you three successive discounts of 20%, 10% and 5% in any order you wish on one purchase. What is the best percentage discount you can get using all three discounts?

Y11: 123456 x 123456 + 123456 +123457 is the square of which number?

Post 16: When I get to a room there are 5 other people there. If we all elbow bump everyone there, how many elbow bumps will take place? How about if there were 6 other people there? Can you generalise to any number of people?

Please post your answers on social media with the hashtag #MWE20, and we will see them!

Video Puzzle of The Day

Today’s Puzzle is set by Murderous Maths Author, Kjartan Poskitt

Be sure to check back on tomorrow’s page for the solution!

3:45 pm, Sara Tilley’s Teacher Webinar Maths With Stories.

Here is the Zoom link – places are limited, so it’s first-come-first-served. If you need a password, use 841484.

4:00 pm, Alan Davies Talk on Pi

Here is the Zoom link – places are limited, so it’s first-come-first-served. If you need a password, use 968268.

Early Years Story Time!

Maths Week England Monday Barvember Problems

Can you use bar modelling to solve these?

Money Problem of the Day

For some photocopiable coins, plus purse and wallet, click here.